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    Construction Falls Again Tops List of Most-Cited OSHA Hazards

    According to OSHA, this continues a nine-year trend where construction falls have topped its list of most-cited hazards, continuing a trend of falls from roofs, scaffolds, or ladders during construction projects.

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    CBO Finds that Butch Lewis Act Will Not Increase The Solvency of Failing Multiemployer Plans

    This CBO report reinforces what SWACCA has said all along: while Butch Lewis is a first step in addressing the multiemployer pension crisis, the bill would not address the underlying problems that have caused the multiemployer pension crisis in the first place


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    Senate Democrats Oppose Department of Labor’s IRAP Rule

    In the letter, the Senators said that the proposed rule would establish a “confusing, unnecessary, and duplicative program” that would “undermine important standards around wages, training structure and quality, and equal opportunity employment.”

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    SWACCA Helps to Generate 320,790 Comments on DOL's Proposed Apprenticeship Rule

    The apprenticeship rule has received 320,790 public comments, with more possible as DOL works to confirm submissions that came in prior to the August 26 deadline.

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    U.S. Department of Labor Announces Denial of Comment Extension for Apprenticeship Rule

    The DOL believes that the 60-day comment period originally set out in the NPRM is a “reasonable and adequate” amount of time to provide notice and an opportunity for public comment.

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