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Biden Administration Releases Spring 2023 Regulatory Agendas with Updates on Key SWACCA Rulemakings

The Biden Administration released its Spring 2023 Regulatory Agendas that provide updates on the regulatory priorities of over 60 federal departments, agencies, and commissions. With regard to the Department of Labor (DOL), the Administration’s regulatory agenda states that DOL anticipates: (1) issuing its SWACCA-supported final rule regulating independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act in August 2023; (2) issuing its SWACCA-supported final rule to modernize Davis-Bacon prevailing wage in June 2023; (3) initiating a Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act review in August 2023 of its heat illness prevention in outdoor and indoor work settings that SWACCA submitted comments on with the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry in January 2022; and (4) issuing its proposed rule on National Apprenticeship System Enhancements in August 2023.

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