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"Right to Work" Proposition A Defeated in Missouri

Missouri voters chose on August 7th to reject Proposition A. Prop A was a “veto referendum,” meaning a vote “yes”  was a vote to keep Missouri’s recently passed “right to work” law, Senate Bill 19, in place. A vote “no” on Proposition A was a vote to “veto” the law, removing it. The people of Missouri voted overwhelmingly, by a margin of 67.5% to 32.5%, to reject Proposition A and the so called “right to work” law behind it, Senate Bill 19.

Right to Work laws interfere with collective bargaining relationships by invalidating otherwise lawful union security clauses that are common in collective bargaining agreements.  SWACCA’s position is that bargaining over union security should be left to the parties themselves: the employers and the unions that actually negotiate the collective bargaining agreements.

SWACCA’s Regional Affiliate in St. Louis – the Associated Wall and Ceiling Contractors of Metro St. Louis (AWCC – St. Louis) – strongly opposed Proposition A and encouraged voters in Missouri to make the choice to veto it. SWACCA’s founding President, Tim Wies, is President of T.J. Wies Contracting in St. Louis. Mr. Wies appeared in a video ad aimed at convincing voters that Senate Bill 19 and Proposition A were unnecessary and potentially harmful for the working people of Missouri. (You can see that video here.)

SWACCA congratulates Mr. Wies for his work to defend collective bargaining relationships in Missouri. SWACCA stands firm against all such misguided attempts to “fix” the system of trade unions that underpins America’s construction industry. Strong collective bargaining relationships are part of the foundation of our industry and key to its future.

For the citizens of Missouri, voting no on Prop A was a smart decision. Yesterday the people of the Show-Me State stood up and made their voices heard. SWACCA is proud that our members were part of this important victory.

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