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GSA Announces September 21 Meeting of Acquisition Policy Federal Advisory Committee to Discuss FAR Council Proposed Rule on Sustainable Procurement Requirements for Federal Construction Contracts

The General Services Administration (GSA) announced a public meeting of the GSA Acquisition Policy Federal Advisory Committee (GAP FAC) on September 21, 2023 to discuss and vote on GAP FAC comments regarding the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council’s proposed rule regarding “Sustainable Procurement” that SWACCA detailed on August 2, 2023. Specifically, the proposed rule includes a new clause for use in all solicitations and contracts. This clause directs contractors to: (1) deliver and furnish sustainable products and services for government use, including use at government-owned contractor-operated facilities; (2) incorporate sustainable products and services into the construction of a public building or public works; and (3) furnish sustainable products and services for contractor use in performing services under the contract, where the cost of the products is a direct cost to the contract (versus costs that are normally applied to a contractor’s general and administrative expenses or indirect costs).

The GAP FAC, which was established in April 2022, is intended to assist GSA in enabling a modern, accessible, and streamlined acquisition framework. The GAP FAC’s initial focus is on driving regulatory, policy, and process changes required to embed climate and sustainability considerations in federal acquisition. This includes examining and recommending steps GSA can take to support its workforce and industry partners in ensuring climate and sustainability issues are fully considered in the acquisition process.

The meeting will be held on September 21, 2023 from 3pm to 4pm ET and will be available to the public by webcast. Those interested in participating must register by 5pm ET on September 20, 2023 through a meeting link to be provided here. Written comments can be submitted at any time by email to

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