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Biden Administration Releases Fall 2022 Regulatory Agendas with Updates on SWACCA-Priority Rulemakings

The Biden Administration has released its long-awaited Fall 2022 Regulatory Agendas. The new regulatory agenda for the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) indicates that it plans to issue a final rule to update Davis-Bacon prevailing wage regulations SWACCA began lobbying for at start of the Biden Administration by February 2023. In addition to direct lobbying on this SWACCA-supported rulemaking, SWACCA participated in three sets of comments on this proposed rule in May 2022. 

The new regulatory agenda also affirms that DOL seeks to finalize a SWACCA-advocated rule redefining independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act by May 2023. In November 2022, SWACCA submitted comments in support of this rulemaking reflective of our long-running advocacy campaign for it. This will make it harder to classify employees in the construction industry and across the economy as independent contractors.

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