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Education Department’s College Scorecard Now Includes Program-Specific Debt and Earnings Data – How Does It Compare with Registered Apprenticeships?

Student debt is a top concern for every young person examining their education options after high school. With Americans owing over $1.5 trillion in total student loan debt, that concern is very well grounded, and reflects a growing concern that college graduates will be left perpetually in the red, unable to find employment that will allow them to pay off that debt.

U.S. Department of Education released College Scorecard data this week that provides program-specific information about debt and income potential at higher education institutions across the country.  The update seeks to educate potential college students on the risks and rewards of choosing particular programs, and to help make an educated decision.

The Department of Education’s College Scorecard data is a reminder that no matter which degree a young person chooses, they can be saddled with thousands of dollars of debt. This contrasts sharply with the benefits and wages enjoyed by those enrolled in a tuition-free registered apprenticeship with a SWACCA contractor. The SWACCA Career Earnings Calculator shows the average wage and benefit earnings for skilled SWACCA craftspeople across the country.

How does the median debt and earnings data for college degrees stack up against the same data for SWACCA registered apprenticeships?  These tools allow prospective students and apprentices to make better decisions about their future careers.

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