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Central States Pension Fund Board of Trustees Release Statement on WCT Opposition to GROW Act

The Central States Pension Fund Board of Trustees released a statement regarding the Western Conference of Teamsters (WCT) Pension Plan’s opposition to the Giving Retirement Options to Workers (GROW) Act, legislation that SWACCA and other union contractor associations support because it will authorize composite plans.

In the statement, the Central States Fund Board of Trustees calls on the WCT to “stop paying lip service about the WCT Pension Plan’s past support for the failed Butch Lewis Act and to start facing facts,” noting that “[a]ctively opposing the GROW Act means opposing relief for Central States, supporting draconian benefit cuts for our 360,000 participants, and endorsing the same for 1.4 million participants across the nation whose plans are also in dire straits.”

The Central States Pension Fund Trustees accurately observe that “[t]o the extent the WCT Pension Plan trustees oppose the GROW Act, all they need to do is say no” and decry the fact that the WCT pension fund is spending its assets lobbying against a bill that “will provide a desperately needed lifeline to so many fellow Teamsters.”

The full statement can be read here.

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