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DOL ETA Seeks Nominations to Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship by July 31

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is seeking nominations for membership on the Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA), which provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Labor on ways to better utilize the apprenticeship training model to provide equitable career pathways that advance the dignity of work and meet the needs of employers. Among the issues the ACA will focus on related to apprenticeship are: (1) the expansion, modernization, and diversification of the National Apprenticeship model; (2) the expansion of apprenticeships into new industries and sectors such as clean energy, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and healthcare; and (3) equitable access for all workers to participate and succeed in the National Apprenticeship system.

The ETA is seeking nominees to all three categories of ACA membership: (1) “Employer Representatives,” which consist of individuals who are employers involved in registered apprenticeship and training programs; (2) “Labor Representatives,” which consist of individuals representing labor unions involved in registered apprenticeship and training programs; and (3) “Public Representatives,” which consist of individuals from across the public sector involved in higher education, apprenticeship, and workforce training.

To be considered for appointment, ACA nominees must meet the following qualifications: (1) possess a demonstrated interest in the National Apprenticeship system; (2) have the ability and readiness to devote time and effort to attend in person all public ACA meetings, actively participate in ACA deliberations, advocate for the apprenticeship system, and participate in other member activities that are planned; (3) possess the ability to substantively analyze issues related to the apprenticeship model and to be a part of the deliberative process of advising the Secretary of Labor regarding innovative and emerging apprenticeship models and best practices; and (4) have the ability to remain objective and work well as a member of the Committee.

Nominations are due by July 31, 2023 and should be submitted on the ACA’s website here. Nomination packages must include: (1) a copy of the nominee’s resume; (2) a cover letter detailing the reason(s) for nominating the individual, including a description of the relevant experience and subject-matter expertise of the nominee concerning the development of a skilled workforce through quality apprenticeship programs, and the member category or categories (i.e. employer, labor, or public) for which the individual would like to be considered; (3) contact information for the nominee (name, title, business address, business phone, and business email address); and (4) any information related to the nominee’s primary or secondary apprenticeship affiliations as well as industry representation. Letters of recommendation may also be attached.

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