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Member Kit

Letter from the President


Greetings SWACCA Member,

I am proud to present to you SWACCA’s Membership Kit. This kit includes information about SWACCA – the Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance – as well as resources available to you as a SWACCA member.

SWACCA was formed in November 2015 to protect and grow the market share of signatory wall and ceiling contractors while promoting and enhancing our industry. Contractors become members of SWACCA via membership in a SWACCA regional
affiliate association.

SWACCA is the only national contractor association exclusively for the signatory wall and ceiling industry. Our mission is to enhance union construction by providing business tools and resources to you, our members. We strive to develop relationships, provide education, and lead advocacy efforts in our industry.

SWACCA currently represents the interests of more than 400 contractor members across the United States. Those interests include objectives in government relations and advocacy, labor relations, technology and innovation, member engagement/recruitment, and communications and marketing.

Please take some time to review the materials in this member kit. In addition, please consider following SWACCA on its social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thank you for your support of SWACCA


Robert Klugh

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What is SWACCA?

  • The Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance (SWACCA) was incorporated in November 2015 to protect and grow the market share of
    signatory wall and ceiling contractors while promoting and enhancing our industry. SWACCA is the collective voice of signatory wall and ceiling
    contractors in the national conversation about the unionized construction industry.
  • SWACCA represents wall and ceiling contractors who have signed one or more collective bargaining agreements with the
  • SWACCA is the only union-only, national contractors association exclusively for the wall and ceiling industry.
  • SWACCA’s mission statement: SWACCA enhances union construction by providing business tools and resources to its members.
  • SWACCA develops relationships, provides education, and leads advocacy efforts on behalf of our industry. We’re building better tomorrows.

SWACCA Organizational Structure

  • Contractor Members: More than 400 contractor members have joined SWACCA through their Regional Affiliates
  • Regional Affiliates: 13 Regional Affiliate members (local and regional trade associations) across the U.S. have joined SWACCA
  • Board of Directors: Nominated by the Regional Affiliate executives
  • Standing Committees: Membership, Government Relations, Labor Relations, Communications & Marketing, Innovation, and Regional Affiliate Executives
  • Committee members are appointed by Regional Affiliate executives
  • Committees have their own budgets
  • SWACCA Staff: Support SWACCA in the areas of public policy, labor relations, legal, and administration.

SWACCA’s Objectives

  • Government relations and advocacy: Engage on federal legislative, regulatory, and administration actions impacting SWACCA’s government
    relations priorities
  • Labor relations: Build and provide labor relations tools and programming for SWACCA members; enhance relationships with international unions
  • Innovation: Lead the wall and ceiling industry on matters of technology and innovation, in collaboration with SWACCA contractor members
  • Membership recruitment and engagement: Engage and retain current members; grow membership, giving SWACCA a more powerful voice in the industry.
  • Communications and marketing: Raise the national profile of SWACCA and its members; develop resources for SWACCA contractor promotion and workforce recruitment.

What do SWACCA’s “Responsible Contractors” bring to the table?

  • A skilled workforce
  • A national network of affiliated wall and ceiling contractors
  • Productivity and time management: A trained workforce through certified apprenticeship programs increases productivity and quality of work
  • Technology and innovation: Embrace cutting-edge technology and drive the industry in matters of innovation
  • Contractor safety is a priority: Focus on jobsite and employee safety.

Receive exclusive member communications from SWACCA

  • SWACCA communicates with its members through Quarterly Newsletters and Member News Bulletins. These communications are delivered
    from the email address, which should be whitelisted to ensure they are not delivered to your spam or junk folder.
  • Any employee of a SWACCA member company is entitled to receive these communications. If you or someone you know would like to be
    added to the distribution list, you can enroll at

Access the members-only portion of SWACCA’s website:

  • The members-only section of the website contains SWACCA’s bylaws and strategic plan; labor relations documents such as the Collective
    Bargaining Guidebook; quarterly settlement reports from the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC); SWACCA’s Annual Reports and
    Quarterly Newsletters; and issue-specific resources that currently affect the industry.
  • The members-only login page is
  • Once you are a member, and if you have never logged on to this page before, your username is the primary email address you use for
    SWACCA membership, and your password is SwaccaMember1.
  • Select “Update My Profile” to change your contact information and password. Be sure to click “Save” after making any updates.
  • If your email address is not in the SWACCA member database, or if you have logged on before and can’t remember your password,
    contact Alyson Palmer, SWACCA’s Association Manager, at, for assistance in creating your account and/or
    resetting your password.

Subscribe to the SWACCA News Blog:

  • The News Blog contains substantive and timely updates from SWACCA’s committees and from its public policy team in Washington, D.C.,
    on legislative and regulatory issues important to SWACCA contractors and the wall and ceiling industry in general.
  • You can subscribe to the News Blog and receive an email any time a new post is published. Enter your email address and click on
    “Subscribe” on the left side of the page, under “Subscribe to SWACCA News Blog.”
  • If you do subscribe, please consider whitelisting to avoid these emails ending up in your spam or junk folder.

Attend exclusive member webinars and workshops

  • SWACCA has developed a Collective Bargaining Workshop series for its members. The workshop was developed to serve as a launch
    point for employer bargaining committees in their collective bargaining process and can be adapted for delivery to larger audiences as
    needed. It is delivered in an engaging Zoom virtual meeting format.
  • SWACCA also conducts issue-specific webinars as the need arises. For example, in the past, it has presented webinars on paid leave
    under the FFCRA and on applying for and seeking forgiveness of PPP loans.