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    Congress Includes Provision to Repeal Cadillac Tax as Part of Year-End Spending Deal

    The year-end package to fund the federal government through the rest of fiscal year 2020 will include provisions permanently repealing the Cadillac tax. 

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    US DOL Publishing Long-Awaited Final Rule Updating Regular Rate Regulations

    On Monday, December 16, the U.S. Department of Labor is publishing its long-awaited final rule revising “regular rate” requirements employers must follow under section 7(e) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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    OSHA Announces Increase in Inspections and Compliance Assistance in 2019

    OSHA has released final fiscal year 2019 statistics that highlight a significant increase in the number of inspections and compliance assistance.

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    State Appellate Court Rules That State Prevailing Wage Law Not Preempted by Federal Law

    On December 2, 2019, the Appellate Court of Illinois for the Third District ruled that an Illinois state law that requires employers to pay fringe benefits to workers on public projects is not preempted by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). 

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    Education Department’s College Scorecard Now Includes Program-Specific Debt and Earnings Data – How Does It Compare with Registered Apprenticeships?

    The Department of Education’s College Scorecard data is a reminder that no matter which degree a young person chooses, they can be saddled with thousands of dollars of debt. This contrasts sharply with the benefits and wages enjoyed by those enrolled in a tuition-free registered apprenticeship with a SWACCA contractor. 

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