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OSHA Guidance and Standards Applicable to COVID-19

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Victory on DOL IRAP Rulemaking

Today, the U.S. Department of Labor released its final rule on Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPS), which will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, March 11, 2019.  SWACCA is pleased to report that we achieved our goal of having the construction industry permanently exempted from this new type of apprenticeship program.  We are also pleased that the final rule responds to SWACCA’s demand that the final rule include a clear and broad definition of the construction industry that is excluded from IRAPs.  The preamble to the new regulation also reflects SWACCA’s advocacy affirming that participants in IRAPs are not apprentices for purposes of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates.


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Virginia Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Address Worker Misclassification and Employer Retaliation

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NLRB Issues Final Joint Employer Rule

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OSHA to Hold Teleconferences on Fall Prevention, Opioid Addiction, and Suicide in the Construction Industry

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SWACCA Contractor featured on NPR Marketplace

SWACCA Contractor Member Swinerton was recently featured on NPR Marketplace's "United States of Work" series.

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SWACCA Supports Toomey Bill to Make Immediate Expensing Permanent, Fix the Retail Glitch

SWACCA supports new legislation to make immediate expensing permanent, and fix the Retail Glitch.

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CA District Judge Denies Request for an Injunction Against California’s Worker Misclassification Law

The lawsuit from the companies contends that California’s AB 5 violates the US Constitution and unfairly singles out an arbitrary group of industries. While Judge Gee’s order does not prevent the lawsuit from moving forward, it does allow California to continue to enforce the law against entities that misclassify their employees while the suit makes its way through the courts. In addition to the lawsuit, Uber, Postmates, and other gig firms are pursuing a ballot initiative to roll back AB 5.

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OSHA Revises National Emphasis Program to Reduce or Eliminate Worker Exposure to Silica

OSHA has issued a revised National Emphasis Program intended to reduce worker exposures to respirable crystalline silica in construction, general industry, and maritime.

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Lawmakers in Virginia Inch Closer to Enacting a Stricter Worker Misclassification Bill into Law

Virginia Senators previously approved a similar bill addressing misclassification (S.B. 744) on January 27. Differences in the bill must be reconciled before the measures can be sent to Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) who is expected to sign it into law.

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Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats Unveil $760 Billion Infrastructure Proposal, Includes $30 Billion Investment in Airport Infrastructure

The proposal itself is the work of Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure, Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce Committees. Those Committees will be responsible for drafting legislation related to the framework and plan to work together to identify ways to pay for the $760 billion package.

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Murphy Signs Several Bills Into Law Aimed at Combating Employee Misclassification

The bills signed into law Monday include legislation that will penalize employers in New Jersey who knowingly misclassify their workers, as well as a bill that requires employers to post notices in the workplace aimed at helping employees determine if they have been illegally misclassified.


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